A new form of “press ups” to correct forward head posture!

Bending is one, if not THE most powerful movement humans do. It’s powerful The overhead press up is a weight-lifting move designed to make you nice and strong in your upper body. Well may I introduce you to a different type of PRESS UP?! This one can make you strong as well but, in order for it to work, you have to use it in your life. In this video I give you a small movement that can make big changes..

The ‘forward head’ posture seems to be a real issue today because we bury our heads in our phones. Instead of seeing a problem, see an opportunity! The simple solution: you need to know where you head is in space. You need to give yourself little cues and opportunities to correct and make changes. Also, by making these changes you will look down at your phone at a different angle. That will create more of a natural “bending” down from the neck to look at your phone vs. “slumping” of the shoulders and neck. When you change one area of your posture and movement you affect and influence other areas of your body. Your whole anatomy is so heavily integrated you will walk, bend and sit differently when your head and hips are comfortably aligned. Simple is not always easy because it involves you becoming more focused on your inner world (your posture placement) than the world around you (which is constantly demanding so much of your attention.)

Want to be more relaxed? If you don’t want a formal meditation, then do an informal one: put a soft toy or towel on your head and press up. It’s that simple. Walk around the house and see how your body moves with this new simple tool. Also let this help you sit and just be more mindfully aware of your body in space. The benefits are long-lasting and wide-ranging.


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