Are you in a hurry? Stop, read and learn how to bend.

I created the McCall Method almost 30 years ago now. What I have noticed during these years is it’s much easier to learn a new skill if you (or I) practice consistently. In Dallas I taught twice-a-week classes in the McCall Method for all those years and then weekly in Bend, OR. What I saw: when people practiced, changes happened. Not sometimes. ALWAYS!

Lifestyle changes are not easy. Why? Our society doesn’t support the concept of slowing down. Look around. Most marketing, social media and TV focus on instant change with no need for learning or focusing. You can have what you want fast and easy with little effort. “The Instant change society” replaced the tried-and-true enjoyment of learning, enjoying the process and slowing down. I know It’s hard to stop and slow down! Ask yourself this: “Am I making this harder than it needs to be?” The answer is probably YES YOU ARE! There is actually a joy in learning, changing habits and slowing down but that also requires you to change your perspective.

In less than three minutes I teach you how to practice bending and lifting in this video.

If you think you know how to do what’s in this video…DO IT ANYWAY. If you think you don’t have time… DO IT ANYWAY. If you don’t feel it will work…. DO IT ANYWAY. Then do it every day for a week! That means less than 20 minutes of your 10,080 minutes of your week you will be doing this movement. Your body will change. Your aches and pains and lack of enjoying movement are more of a mental battle than a physical one. So your body is ready! Let’s get your mind on board now.


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