Physical Therapist | Consultant

As a Therapist | Consultant

LisaAnn McCall’s more than 27 years of expertise as a physical therapist taught her many things, but most importantly that you and your body already have many answers to ease your pain. The key is to listen and decifer what your body is saying. LisaAnn’s nearly three decades of observing your movement patterns results, in almost all cases, in a quick analysis of the problem(s) at hand and how to proceed with a McCall Method solution.  There’s no cookie cutter formulas in her approach. Each client receives a completely individualized course of therapy.

Whether you’re seeking a pain-free round of golf, a new approach to triathlon training or learning to climb up and down stairs with a smile on your face, LisaAnn can help.

As a former top female triathlete, McCall realized she had to address the whole body when she wanted to ease the pain in just one joint or muscle. Early in her PT years, LisaAnn identified a big gap between clinic-based therapy and real life. As a result, her focus and therapy shifted to the whole body approach integral to the McCall Method.