Often people come to me with back pain and they realize after a few sessions (or maybe even sooner) that the way that they are moving in the day is creating much of their back pain. This is the problem and the answer. It can be exciting at first knowing by moving better there is a way out of this boxed in lifestyle of limited movement and pain. Also the idea of possible freedom that comes with letting go of the fear of the back “breaking down” i.e. riding on planes or in cars or sitting in meetings and the excitement of being back in the game of golf. Then there is the realization that re-learning how to move is a big lifestyle change. For some who are born disciplinarians this is an easy task but for many it looks dreadfully daunting.

Sharon Salzberg*, a mediation teacher uses a wonderful phrase when she teaches meditation to help when the mind wonders off to “begin again”, bringing the mind back to the breath or what ever was the focus. This begin again is the secret to really enjoying the process of learning. By seeing that we are not “failing” when we have to start over again and again, but we are in the process and in the moment. This perspective can help with gaining the ability to focus, relax and enjoy the process of change.

Where to start:

  1. It’s good to start with movements or postures that you really want/ need to change and you will experience the greatest results the quickest.
  2. Pick something you do a lot. If your life demands a lot of sitting, focus on getting in and out of the chair in a more balanced way and sitting more balanced since you are going to do it anyway.

If you take small steps and realize that by changing one movement, like sitting, will automatically begin to change the way you stand- which will change the way you bend- and change the way you walk.For further instruction or assistance with this and other pain relieving movements, give me a call or send me an email and we can connect and move forward together.

*I was recently introduced to Sharon Salzberg’s work and thoughts through my new favorite app, 10% Happier with Dan Harris. Sharon is the New York Times best-selling author of Real Happiness, along with eight other inspiring books. She is among some of the most respected meditation teachers and speakers in the United States. For more mediation teachings and inspiration check out 10% Happier.

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