Foundational Videos


Foundational Videos

The McCall Method focuses on the most basic and overlooked parts of movement. The foundation of ALL movements. Take a moment to look at what makes something work. It depends on its foundation; the underlying base or support defines the quality of what is built upon the foundation.

Language has phonics. Music has scales.

Houses literally have foundations on which they are built.  So why is it that when it comes to movement, we are so poor at doing the most basics things like picking up a box? Why do we fear low back pain? If you don’t have a good foundation it makes sense. Strong backs don’t come from being at the gym pushing weights around. They develop from a strong knowledge of how to move….a foundation of body knowledge we have forgotten because of modern conveniences. It’s an experience more than a body of knowledge we have in our head. We think about “how” to move a box not because we have a good feel for it or because we enjoy moving, the way we would in a sport. This is why there are so many different theories and movement therapies about how to have a strong, fit healthy spine. We don’t have a healthy experience of moving well day in and day out so it becomes a guessing game when, in reality, there’s no need to guess.

With these fears and doubts we begin to adopt a mind set and vocabulary that is fear-based.  “Protect your back” is one of the most common beliefs we have adopted. Protect my back from bending and lifting? Really? There are indigenous peoples all over the world who do it with grace and ease. These folks don’t have a gym or a fitness class that keeps them “fit.” They just have manual labor and everyday movements. There is a skill in doing these movements well and we need to regain that skill so when we bend, lift, sit and walk we gain strength, balance, flexibility, comfort and confidence to move and do much more! Once we gain more body “wisdom” our fears fade and we can engage in more activities we love to do, that previously we feared were impossible to do.

The foundational videos you see on this page will bring you back to feeling small subtle parts of bigger movements you do everyday, as well as the building blocks to all the other movements in your life. This package of videos will shift how you do every movement in your life, toward comfort and away from pain.

You will be relearning to Sit Up Right, Bend, Stand, Lie Down and Lift as well as the transitions between these movements.

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I’m offering you three of the 18 videos in my foundational series FREE in the hopes you’ll begin to understand how the McCall Method can help you in everything that requires movement.

My foundational video series represents the essence of what the McCall Method is all about. It focuses on the most basic and overlooked parts of the way we move. Whether you’re standing, sitting, bending or lying down this series begins to unlock my approach to preventing and/or getting out of pain.

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