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Lisa Ann McCall of McCall Method decreases neck strain by using your head

Lisa Ann McCall of McCall Method Decreases Neck Strain by using your Head

Decrease Neck Strain by using your Head


Your head weighs about 11 pounds. So it makes sense to balance your head over your spine for the most comfort. That 11 pound ball is with you everyday of your life … so let’s ‘balance’ it as comfortably as possible on top of your spine.    
Look at the woman in the photo and notice how she is simultaneously balancing a chair, a basket and a baby while walking down the road. Also look at the muscle development of her upper back. You can’t get that kind of back in a gym. That is a back built from using the body in a balanced way. 

Connection is the word I love to use when I am talking about the body and posture. Feeling the connection keeps us from thinking about what muscles are being used. Knowing what muscles you are using is not important….having the awareness of where your body is in space (as this woman in the photo) is the secret to having a healthy spine. It’s being strong and feeling comfortable moment by moment. The body already knows what muscles to use…all we have to do is slow down long enough to feel the connection, stack the bones, and let it balance itself!

Where your head sits or stacks on the spine makes a world of difference in how your spine feels. It actually can make you LOOK better as well. Take the stress and strain out of the spine by relaxing and stacking!


Lisa Ann McCall of the McCall Method Decreases Shoulder and Neck Pain

Lisa Ann McCall of the McCall Method Decreases Shoulder and Neck Pain

LisaAnn explains how to use the McCall Method videos and book

LisaAnn explains how to use the McCall Method videos and book

Does your back bother you when you sit, stand, bend or walk?
Do you feel limited in your ability to workout because you just hurt 
more later after your workout?
Does that back surgery you had a few years ago no longer give you the comfort it did in the beginning?
Start with the FOUNDATIONAL VIDEOS and then any video that addresses the specific area you are having trouble with. Here is the link to get you started.

Click here to visit the McCall Method website and on-line offerings.

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Lisa Ann McCall is a physical therapist with 27+ years experience in orthopedic dysfunction.  During that time in private practice, she’s worked with professional athletes,physicians and surgeons, as well as patients suffering from arthritis, joint disease and chronic pain. McCall worked three years as a physical therapist in clinical settings before starting her private practice in 1991.  

LisaAnn McCall, Physical Therapist, Creator and Author of the The McCall Body Balance Method

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