Every time you get out of your chair, strengthen your abs!

Optimal posture is something taught and respected when focusing on a sport, but not thought of as “interesting” when it applies to our day-to-day lives. How could getting out of a chair relax my neck or give me strong abdominals? The simple fact that all movements are connected is why your chair-sitting and everyday-life moves matter as much as your golf swing. We all want to feel comfortable and live without pain. But do we understand it’s not “old age” or old injuries that limit our movement world? It’s the lack of having the skill and awareness of how to move that contribute to our low “movement I.Q.”

I show you how the simple movement of getting out of a chair by making the smallest changes can profoundly impact how your body feels, works and ages. Our bodies’ aging process accelerates by ignoring it (except the few moments in our day or week at the gym.) Each day notice how much you pay attention to things that have either already happened or haven’t happened yet.Little attention is given to what you are doing right now. So if ‘now’ is all you have, then the move of getting out of your chair can become a rather entertaining and enjoyable thing. Stress can decrease greatly by noticing what you are doing right now. It’s well documented how mindfulness can give you a much greater quality of life. So by mindfully moving in and out of your chair, your mind and your spine will thank you.

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