Get your best backside by lifting laundry. Who needs a gym?

I’m into reviewing concepts I love. I will forever talk about movement because truth just feels good when you experience it. The truth about bending: it can be the biggest game-changer in your movement life. And anything that changes your movement life in a quality way will change your whole life.

 HOW you bend and lift can really be a game-changer when it comes to how you move. If you struggle with tight hamstrings and weakness in your butt and back then — believe it or not — bending WELL (as you’re designed to do) can give you a mighty strong backside! In this video I go into details about how to do this movement so you really feel like you are getting a workout. Over time this feeling goes from “workout” mode to feeling so natural you never avoid the movement again. Instead of kicking your clothes down the hall to the laundry room, you happily pick them up and enjoy the simple process of the movement. It’s mindfulness in action and it is a life-changer on many levels. ENJOY your bending instead of AVOIDING it! Here’s a video you can use to practice right now. It’s not long and it’s not a lot of talk… it’s all action. So take action and fine-tune the way you bend and you won’t complain about injuries, pain or having bad posture.



Keep in mind people all over the world see this as a normal way of moving and they do it all their life. Even if it feels “inappropriate” or not natural it’s because you have been moving unnaturally for so long. Break from the rules you have in your head of what’s “right” and “wrong.” Let your body tell you if this is how it wants to move.

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