Getting out of pain: learn the skill of moving well.

Are you always getting injured and/or worried about being hurt? Are you dissatisfied with your fitness level? And do you lose your motivation and get bored after awhile? One of the reasons: you are doing movements based on what you “think” you need and not what your body needs and wants. In our society today we are information junkies. We think the more informed we are, the more things will change. But it doesn’t work that way when it comes to your body. Yes, being informed is important. But then it’s about getting into action in an integrative way. With the McCall Method I help you gain awareness that gives you the ability to move without all those fears and setbacks. The catch: you have to take the time to learn the process of how to center your body. This process is basically learning a skill. That means there are steps you take and with those steps comes a satisfaction with this learning.

Play a sport and you understand what it is to get “hooked.” You begin to get attached to the sport because it “gives back” to you through your experience on a level of satisfaction that is not well explained with words. We are so driven by our beliefs and thoughts of what we need and this creates a disconnect from the body. You can do yoga, meditate and all sorts of awareness-based things but if it doesn’t influence your real life in a positive way then something is missing. Enjoy the process and learning the skill of everyday movements with the McCall Method and watch your world open up.

We see challenges as a defeat before we even start. I can relate to this when it comes to technology. It took me a l o n g time to understand how to use my smart phone, social media and my computer. One main reason: before I started, my mindset was DEFEAT. I turned off. I was not open. Then I realized it was self sabotage and if I took small steps I could gain the confidence … then the skill … and then I actually ENJOYED technology.

Your body already knows how to move well. It just forgot. As a child you ran around and did all sorts of amazing things like fall out of trees, somersault, run up and down stairs and you did it well. Even though I was uncoordinated as a child (believe me I was) I still moved well in the most basic sense. So start easy if you want to learn to jump rope. Start with five jumping jacks, then build to seven and then 10. Then pick up a rope and go online and learn the basic skills and try to go for 10 seconds jumping rope. If you feel you are hurting yourself I can help you with that. (Just email me). If you feel fine but feel dumb being a beginner, ignore that thought. Being a beginner is one of the greatest gifts in life. If you live everyday as if you want to learn something new, you stay open minded — and you are constantly a beginner.


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