If asked, most of us will say we’re mobile. But when it’s time to get down on the ground to play with our little ones or pets, mobility may be a touch more challenging. Even just sitting on the floor may require a little more stretching and we may just hear a groan here or there as we move (especially when we get UP.)  Below are two videos that demonstrate how to easily get down on the floor and how to lift yourself back up.

My (almost 91-year-old) mother complained recently her balance has gotten worse, and at the same time her legs felt ‘heavy.’ She (correctly) saw the correlation between the two. She asked me how she can get up and down from the floor efficiently. Walking her (and all of you) through the process, the hips become the focus; think of them as a hinge. Sticking your butt out, not curving the spine and using the hands and arms more as balancing tools helped her quickly find comfort in the movement. After a few “down and back up” drills, she said her balance was better AND her legs were not heavy! That’s what I call real success.

If you feel your legs get tired quickly when walking it maybe you’re more “out of balance” than weak. Watch me getting down and back up, then try it with me a few times. I’m betting you’ll see and feel improvement in your body, just like my mom did.