Book LisaAnn for Workshops or Speaking Engagements


Book LisaAnn for Workshops or Speaking Engagements

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Rest and Restore Class

                  Saturday Classes: Feb. 6th,13th, 20th, 27th

Tuesday Classes: Feb. 9th, 23rd

Sat. Times: 9 am PT  |  10 am MT |  11 am CST

Tues. Times: 4 pm PT  |  5 pm MT  |  6 pm CST

Learning to relax tension and holding patterns in our day-to-day movements can help us gain immediate improvement in how we feel and move.


Are you having trouble in your daily activities because of pain?

Do you want to get back to running, tennis, golf, swimming, hiking, etc.?

After having surgery are you still uncomfortable returning to the activities you used to love?

Are you an ex-athlete hampered by nagging injuries?

In this class we will focus on the foundation of all movements i.e. sitting, standing, bending, and walking. Having a better foundation in your daily movements has a direct impact on how to stay out of pain and elevate your fitness.

Must sign up and pay prior to class.

Do so by emailing Lisa Ann 

QUESTIONS: or 214-957-0234

Book LisaAnn as a Speaker


As insightful as she is as a physical therapist, LisaAnn McCall is a charismatic and energetic speaker for your upcoming workshop, seminar or corporate retreat. She custom tailors her presentations to meet your audience’s specific needs and interests. Your audience will leave her presentation knowing how to move through the rest of the conference … and their lives … more comfortably. Employers will benefit from healthier, happier workers, and will save thousands of dollars on unnecessary ergonomic chairs and equipment.


Sample Topics

  • Transform All Your Painful Moves Into Healing Moves Throughout the Day
  • The Art of Sitting; a Healing Experience…Anywhere (Car, Couch, Office, Church, Plane)
  • Turn your Favorite Activity into a Healing Tool
  • Learn to Bend and Never Have Tight Hamstrings Again
  • Look and Feel Younger As You Age By Relearning the Secret of Moving in Balance

A Sampling of Audiences That Could Benefit from McCall Method

Weekend Warriors
Corporate Executives | Office Workers

Athletes | Yoga Instructors
School Athletic Groups
Pilots/Flight Attendants
Mindfulness/Meditation Groups

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Try the McCall Method for Free!

My foundational video series represents the essence of what the McCall Method is all about: it focuses on the most basic and overlooked parts of the way we move. Whether you’re standing, sitting, bending or lying down this series begins to unlock my approach to preventing and/or getting out of pain.

I’m offering you three of the 18 videos in this foundational series in the hopes you’ll begin to understand how the McCall Method can help you in everything that requires movement.


Check your email for information on how to access your videos.