It’s all about the feel

How do you feel in your neck? This little area of the body is a vital connection to your whole body. As you know, the more aware you are in your body, the more comfortable you are. Most people don’t have good awareness in the neck area which means they have less strength there, and that affects the whole spine on some level. What’s up with this? One thing for sure: we don’t use our heads to help us have strong spines. Say what? Yea. If we use our heads more in a balanced way we’d have better spine health. We would also be more aware of what we are doing if we carried our groceries or maybe a stack of bananas on our heads. This woman pictured below most likely started at a very young age learning how to carry things on her head. Now YOU try it! Maybe not a bunch of bananas but how about just a small object like a folded wash rag or soft toy? Go ahead and just press up and walk. You will have a totally different relationship to your body. It will give you a much greater sense how connected the body is to itself. Great posture is about being connected on a feel level and yet it will enhance your appearance as well (a nice side addition.)

I give you some tips on how to get more connected to your neck in your car, where you can let the changes happen without a lot of focus. This posture will “wake up” your neck muscles and give you less of a “forward head” posture everyone is now trying to get rid of. So start small then move to maybe one banana.

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