Learn how your movements are connected!

If we understand all movements are powerfully connected to each other, then correcting one posture (or movement) will make a positive influence on other postures and movements in our lives. By NOT noticing and addressing this reality the opposite can occur. We can set ourselves up for injury by simple ignoring this fact. Also we will have to spend less time “correcting” how we move because there will be a natural flow from one move to another. Having good form will be a ”way of life” not something categorize as “good posture” or “bad posture.” In this video I give you a quick overview of how to center your hips.

If you want to ride, run (or walk) without pain then learn how to center your pelvis ALL THE TIME and you will be able to move from one activity to the other without a glitch.Each activity can COMPLIMENT the other, but you have to have a strong structural foundation to do that. Structure is the key. You let the muscles do their jobs by first focusing on relaxing them; then set the pelvis up in the right position. With a new habit of centering your hips you gain more awareness of this posture, so it becomes “your new normal.” Why focus on the pelvis? Because that’s where movement begins.

You also have to pay attention to your upper body as well. You can’t “forget” the spine is connected to the hips. This is where most people lose the connection. They begin to roll the shoulders forward and bend at the waist. This is in part because the shoulders and neck are also too tight. As the hips and shoulders open, the back can be upright without effort. This, in turn, makes the back very strong.

It’s through your own experience you learn what “centering” means. Don’t get caught in your head trying to go faster. Let your body run the show.


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