Let’s get comfortable ALL the time

Did you know your posture affects your mental and physical well-being? I know we have covered this before but let’s go back and review. More and more science is proving this. Remember Amy Cuddy, the social psychologist who said your body language may shape who you are? It’s one of the most watched TED Talks ever. She helped open the idea your posture has an effect on your hormones and decreases the stress hormone cortisol. In other words, it changes the way you think and move. Try this little trick: look up in the sky or look up from your chair and try to think of something “bad” or disappointing. It’s very hard to do. It’s not natural! So if you want to lift your mental spirits, look up to the Heavens! Use this little trick to remember how focusing on the simple and small stuff every single day makes an impact on your life.Today’s video is to remind you to find your center (it’s an awareness practice) and then use it in your daily life.


Once you begin to gain this “new knowing” you can relax the other parts of your body you have been holding thinking that HOLDING your body upright is good posture. Let that go!

We tend to make things much harder for ourselves because we think being upright on our feet is not natural. WELL IT IS! It’s just very connected to our whole life and most people in medicine and fitness are not looking at the body from a whole life perspective. What you think, feel, believe and do with your life affects your posture and how your body moves and feels. So lighten up, find your center and relax.

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