Looking for back relief? Sitting may be the answer, if ……

Think of optimal posture as an experience, not a right or wrong way of standing, sitting etc. If I’m constantly uncomfortable or don’t even notice I’m uncomfortable in my body, then I’m not really comfortable in my life most of the time. I don’t know people who leave their bodies at home for the day when their backs or necks or knees are acting up. Our bodies carry us around throughout life, so why do we only pay attention to them when we look in the mirror, workout or do a sport? We either like to hide it, or show it off and are so upset when it doesn’t feel just the way we want it to. Let’s make friends with our bodies. How does that sound?

How about we take a different approach to this whole posture thing? If we actually notice it a little more in our day-to-day lives we may be surprised it has SO MUCH to offer us.

I give you a couple of simple moves/postures to do that take very little time and can bring quite a bit of comfort to your life. Here’s the catch, you have to FOCUS and SHOW UP while doing it. You can’t be multitasking. You have to pause and feel. If you learn to do that you will grow this experience of feeling into something very pleasant. It may surprise you because it surprises everyone I work with who give these moves a real chance.

So how does the body grow to feel? Sounds a bit “out there?” When a person learns to play hockey they gain the feel of handling the stick to move a very small puck. Not to mention they’re wearing huge gloves and doing this while skating fast and agile on the ice. There is so much going on that demands so much feel in this sport that when I watch it I’m reminded of how “over the top” smart the body is. This ability to coordinate all this action by the hockey player is called neuromuscular integration. Basically the body’s wiring system (neurological system) is connecting all these little movements you are unaware of with movements that you are aware of. (This same principle is working with you in your chair.) As you become more aware of a movement over time, you have greater CHOICES on how to do that movement or relax in that posture. You gain a knowing of how that movement feels…both good and bad. You get better at moving so you get physically smarter and this creates a more comfortable body day in and day out.

Sitting is such a HUGE part of your life. So pause … and feel better.


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