Make exercise doable, less is more.

Overwhelmed with your to-do list? Getting out and moving seems a bit challenging at times? Don’t want to get on the floor and do a few movements you know will help you relax and be more centered mentally and physiclally? WELCOME TO THE PARTY! Don’t feel you’re alone. The mental chatter is such a powerful distraction for most everyone. If you can dislodge a few myths and rules you have created in your mind, I feel you will have more freedom in your movement life.

Here’s a possible myth/rules list:

1. I need to exercise at least X amount of time for it to matter or make an impact.

2. I have to do certain exercises X (cardio) (weight training) (stretching) because that is what my P.T. or my coach or my mother etc. told me I needed to do.

3. I need to go to the gym or my (yoga) ( Pilates) (Cross Fit) otherwise I won’t get a REAL workout or see any significant changes.

These rules are not true. You need to decide what’s best for you. No one else should decide for you.

WHAT WILL HELP YOU MAKE GOOD MOVEMENT CHOICES? It’s the small stuff that trips us up in life and it’s the small stuff that make big changes in our lives. Here is my advice about becoming more active. Less is more. Make it doable. That’s about it.

Many people will say “I don’t have time.” Maybe this is more about feeling overwhelmed than not having time. It’s more about a clouded mind and perspective than the reality of not enough time. Maybe it’s NOT something you really value and that’s ok, too. The answer is getting honest with what you value. Sometimes we have to take a few steps back before going forward. Those steps back could be an honest statement to yourself like “I really don’t care but I would like to care!” The biggest challenge is usually between our ears. We are just thinking “a five-minute walk is not enough” or “doing one butt up the wall is not enough” etc. Not true! A little movement mixed with consistency is what makes up changes we desire. Also, get to know what YOU like. Do you like to do things on your own? Do you like to have a buddy system that keeps you motivated? Whatever helps make the commitment more attractive is what will get you involved. Life is basically a journey in self discovery. Just realize you are learning a lot about how you are motivated and that can be a big help in many other areas of life. So this simple shift in perspective that you take to your movement life can overlap into other areas of your life. Remember, keep it simple and make it doable. Oh yea, and please don’t forget to have fun!


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