Lisa Ann will effectively tailor her presentation to meet your audience’s specific needs. Participants will learn the joy of healthy, pain-free movement. They will enjoy more active lives and leave the event with valuable tools in hand.

“One of the problems in today’s society is we want a quick fix. But for the long term what you really want is a balanced body. Over the next 15 years, I predict we’ll see more of core balance technique. Each generation of orthopedic surgeons is learning new techniques. Let’s face it: one of the hardest things for any of us to do is accept new ways of thinking.” Dr. James Montgomery, clinical associate professor of orthopedics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and former head physician for the U.S. Olympic Team The Dallas Morning News Lisa McCall’s Balancing Is No Act – 2002 CBS News Features How Body Balance Helps Chronic Pain Sufferers.

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Science and Art Come Together Advance for Physical Therapists and PT Assistants

“The bottom line is we’ve forgotten how to move well on the most basic level. We don’t use what we have. If I show you the correct way to bend and lift, you’re going to have to take some time to correctly learn it. It’s not a strength and flexibility problem; it’s a neurological integration problem. The better your body can communicate with itself, the more correct movement will be.”

OrthoKinetic Review – A Balanced Approach

“Restoring muscle coordination needs to be the first step in returning muscle strength. Up to now, exercise for low back pain has been typified by indirect approaches like walking, yoga, sit-ups, and weight training.”

D Magazine – Increase Your Mobility

“Anyone is a candidate [for Body Balance]. An amazing thing that I have learned is that joints don’t know how old they are. An arthritic joint can be retrained to move correctly even if the condition has lasted for years or the client is elderly. With these methods there is always some degree of positive change.”

Lisa Ann McCall has also been featured on numerous television shows representing such affiliates as ABC and NBC; on radio stations throughout the country; and in multiple articles in The Dallas Morning News as well as in other newspapers.

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