Optimal posture is an experience ( a really nice one!)

Why is good posture so difficult to obtain? Why do we even care?

For the majority of my 30-year career it wasn’t of interest to people until we saw the connection between injuries and the way we move in our day-to-day lives.

We are so busy all day thinking about what’s next that our heads are leading us forward literally. What I did in this video is give you the chance to relax what seems to be the tightest areas in our bodies and then feel or “experience” a new normal. That new normal is easiest to learn when we are sitting. The body learns when we are the most comfortable. We also relax more when we are more comfortable. That’s why we don’t sleep on a bed of nails. We want to relax when we sleep. Right? How about being relaxed when we are awake?! What a novel idea! Centering in the hips is KEY to moving well. All athletic moves start from your center in order to gain the best outcome of the movement. In this video I give you a chance to bring a little more comfort to your sitting day and also learn about centering your hips. This will translate during the rest of your day if you just pay more attention to it.

Stress is your signal to redirect what you are thinking and doing. We get excited about going out and doing sports we love. Besides just enjoying the sport we’re interested in HOW we do these movements like swimming, lifting or doing a burpie. But for some reason most of the day we just don’t seem to care what our bodies are doing. That will directly translate to STRESS. Stress is a lot about not being in the driver’s seat of our own lives. If we don’t have an interest in what is happening to our bodies right now then tension will build.

If you ignore paying your bills for a few months your electricity and the water get turned off. If you ignore the body for years (the body is much more forgiving) then one day you may have back or neck or just “pain.” The amount of time it takes to pay a bill is about the same amount of time it takes to adjust your body to bend or sit in a comfortable way. The cool thing is you gain interest on your investment when you invest in your body. Yes you’re more relaxed, more mentally clear and your body begins to shift to a new normal. Every movement, thought and action you do is based on neural pathways. These neural pathways are how habits are formed. Creating new habits create a new experience in life. And you can’t know what optimal posture is until you experience it.

So give yourself a couple of minutes through out the day to invest in you.


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