Plantar Fasciitis (and other aches and pains) be gone!

I’m bringing up an old video to shine some new light on a persistent challenge people have with their feet. Even if you don’t have plantar fasciitis keep reading because there’s more. When I address a specific injury or medical diagnosis like “plantar fasciitis” I do because people take notice quickly that they are in that group. Also, it’s comforting having a diagnosis.

THIS VIDEO is just as good for someone with back, hip or knee pain or someone with balance issues. Are you a runner who wants to run faster? A golfer who wants to swing the club better? Here you go! This video is for you! How can these simple moves or postures from one video address all these different issues? It’s because the body is SO interconnected — as are your injuries

One move is about squatting and another looks like an old-fashioned groin stretch, but with more details and challenges.


It’s really frustrating for people when they have “done everything they can” to address a physical problem and get little or no results. OR the results take so long (years) and they are dependent on an arduous list of stretching, ice, heat, taping, massage, shoes…. on and on. Why not just learn to move better so you can be more free in your body and move better as well?

To address physical movement issues you have to see the body as a whole and how it interconnects to all movements. If you focus on the subtleties of a movement you gain the real secret to that movement. And the move becomes more efficient. Golf, swimming, tennis are all sports that are based on subtleties — how you hold a racket or club to how to place your hand in the water. It’s the same for bending, walking and sitting. Each movement is its own “sport” and deserves the same focus and attention. So if everything is so connected as I just said then bending well will help your golf and swimming. SWEEET!

The ability to FOCUS is what brings this new level of skill or efficiency to life. To focus and relax at the same time is challenging for most of us today with the phone, text, email etc. constantly distracting us. These distractions are affecting our health and our ability to function and enjoy life. So learning how to do these two moves can free up your body and your mind.

Remember to enjoy the process 🙂

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