Golfing Videos


Too many golfers complain too often this challenging sport either causes or magnifies pain in the lower back, shoulder and/or elbows. In this series of videos, we hear about those and other ailments and how the McCall Method brought at least three golfers pain relief as well as demonstrating movements and postures that can prevent injuries from reoccurring. These videos focus on movements you can do at home between rounds, or even before and during your next 18 holes.

Your Body Doesn’t Have to Hurt to Enjoy Golf

You take the posture you live with everyday to the golf course. If you have little awareness of how your body moves on a daily basis then you may find why some of your bad posture habits show up on the golf course. Here are three great Balance Posture exercises many golfers love to do to feel and swing better.

Spectator Stretch is a sitting posture that really centers you. You gain a feel and awareness down in your hips so the swing comes from your center and not your shoulders. It’s a posture you can do almost anywhere. At an airport, the grocery store or before you go out on the range.

Butt Up The Wall teaches you how to bend and have a strong straight spine. The golf set up is a balance between sitting and bending with the only support being your feet. No wonder it’s so hard to do well! Practice Butt Up the Wall by using this Balance Posture to bend over to pick up your golf balls. You may get a few strange looks but you will have the loosest hamstrings and the happiest back of all those around you!

Bend and Balance is Butt Up the Wall on one leg. Challenging? YES! Very effective? YES! The set up is everything in golf and this is the exercise that brings all the components together. Make sure you do the other two Balance Postures before Bend and Balance. This is a great back and hip strengthening exercise as well. You will really feel the hamstrings and buttock get a workout with this posture IF you are doing it right. Pay attention to the details to get the greatest effect!

Don’t forget the Golf Videos are much more effective if you have done the Foundational Videos first. Having a good foundation to build upon will get you the results you want. Have fun!