Hip and Knee Videos


Who knew there is a “good” way to sit? Or a “good” way to cross your legs? It turns out when you do these and other movements in balance, they are essential for relieving pain in your knees, hips and lower back. Another benefit of these postures is their convenience. You literally can do them anywhere. This video series addresses: sitting well, bending and stretching while you sit and a clear demonstration of the do’s and don’ts of crossing your legs (regardless whether you’re a man or a woman.) LisaAnn again in this series, shows us how her movement therapy illustrates how our body parts are interconnected (sing here: “the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone….”)

If your knee hurts, the answer might be in your hips

In the introduction you will learn a little about what breaks a knee down. What are some of the causes of knee pain and how it is related so much to the hip and spine? Hip pain is often seen in close relation to the spine as well, so the Low Back Pain Videos could be of great help as well if your looking to address hip pain from two different angles.

You will always begin all movements by centering the hips. This movement is easily done in sitting. This can begin to help the hips feel better by just going into sitting and sitting correctly and getting away from sitting patterns that are creating tension and strain on the hips. Then the next step is lining up the hips knees and feet. Crazy as it sounds, there is a correct position for your knee and foot when sitting. Just like in sports, lining up the whole body from head to toe is essential in the way you play the game. Well the game of “daily movements” holds the same principles and will affect the way you play sports. (In a good way!)

Spectator Stretch is a sitting posture that really opens your hips, centers you and relaxes the low back as an added extra bonus. In the beginning there will be a lot of stretching and working in the back/hips to realign the hips, spine, knees and feet but this simple posture can take away a lot of problems connected to sitting.

Baby Leg Lifts are a subtle but dynamic exercise that can help with pelvic floor dysfunction. This is a real issue in today’s society. Given a chance, this exercise along with changing the way you move from your hips (including sitting) can strengthen the pelvic floor. I have seen it help many women with this issue. It takes time to regain this strength because you have to relax the pelvic floor (opposite of what many tell you to do) to gain the strength. So how you cross your legs will GREATLY INFLUENCE how you walk, run, sit, bend etc.

There are different kinds of chairs that can really support the centering of the hips and how the knee moves with the hip. Sometimes just getting out of a traditional chair and into something lower, such as a tripod chair can feel great immediately on both the hip and the knee.

Pulling The Weeds is a Balance Posture that benefits those with tight hips, meaning most of us. It’s more than the gardening posture. It’s the favorite move for those with hip pain. It is also great if you need to get on the floor and do some work on your knees. Take this move slow and follow directions carefully so you get the best bang for your buck!

Stairs don’t have to hurt your knees. It’s the way you go up and down (down usually hurts more than up) that is the game changer. You will have to practice all the other postures in this video series to gain the feel for where to center over your knees to get the stress OUT of the knees.

Remember to get the best results of this video is to start with the Foundational Videos. Have fun!