Low Back Pain


They are the movements that comprise your entire day. From the moment you lift yourself out of bed until that night when you slip between the sheets once again. Bending. Sitting. Standing. Walking. Lying down. And getting up. LisaAnn calls them your ‘life movements’ and she uses these fundamentals to help you heal the issues with your back. These videos address chronic and acute lumbar pain and how your ‘life movements’ — done in balance — can actually relieve that pain while you work.

Oh My Aching Back (but it doesn’t have to)

How to go about this safely:

Take it slow and do the movements in small doses. It’s a medicine to move and you are starting the healing journey with the medicine that all bodies were built to understand and use. Movement.

If you have pain, stop and redirect your focus and go back to something that will ease that pain. Skip around in the video series to the videos that most apply to your situation.

When you find a posture, position or movement that feels good then stay with that and relax into it.

If you notice you are holding your breath, pause and breathe. Pain causes us to hold and anticipate. Just noticing this can begin to unravel the issue. Once in a posture of comfort, or more comfort than you are use to, direct your breathing toward your rib/back area. It doesn’t need to be big breaths but just a redirection into an area that can be very tense and tight. This will allow the body to begin to let go of tension that can be involved in creating pain.

As you improve look to what movement or posture your body likes and do that posture more! I have other videos that can support this process to take you to the next level. If sitting seems to be easier then become a truly “skilled sitter” and go to my Sitting Videos to continue the healing process. If walking is what seems to better you recovery then go to the Walking Video series

Going to more complex movements or activities involves the same principles involved in the basic movements you learned in standing, sitting and bending.

The fear of losing ground after gaining more pain-free movement is common but avoiding things like gardening, cycling, running etc. is not the answer. I have videos supporting many of these activities. 

Your confidence will grow as you gain the feel of how to do daily movements well. The next step is to take those same principles into the other activities you do. Don’t forget I have lots for free videos to watch on my YouTube channel that support you in this process as well.