Low Back Pain Videos


They are the movements that comprise your entire day. From the moment you lift yourself out of bed until that night when you slip between the sheets once again. Bending. Sitting. Standing. Walking. Lying down. And getting up. LisaAnn calls them your ‘life movements’ and she uses these fundamentals to help you heal the issues with your back. These videos address chronic and acute lumbar pain and how your ‘life movements’ — done in balance — can actually relieve that pain while you work.

Oh My Aching Back (but it doesn’t have to)

LisaAnn shows you how your every day movements can actually help heal your back. These videos address chronic and acute lumbar pain and how your ‘life movements’ — done in balance — can actually relieve that pain.
What is the difference between chronic and acute back pain?
LisaAnn talks both about the differences and how each can be helped. First, you have to understand your back often gets hurt because of movements like bending, sitting and traveling. Knowing how these movements can be done well sharpens your awareness, which then allows for a life filled with a healthy, not hurting back.
A few rules for all back pain:
1. Don’t do things that cause more back pain but don’t be afraid of certain movements that help. Movement is medicine and the dosage of how much and how to move well is the key to getting better.
2. Staying stuck in one position can really add, not subtract, from the pain: frequently shifting your posture is a must in the early stages of acute back pain.
3. Get out of the pain cycle or don’t get into one. A pain cycle is where pain does not stop – either by doing something that creates more pain or by not doing something for fear of more pain. This has to be addressed first. Quiet the pain so the body can relax and be open to movements that will aid in healing.
Sitting as a healing tool. For some, sitting is the only relief.  For others, it is a dreaded place to be. It’s all about how and where you are going to sit that determines if you can heal the back here. All sitting has the potential of being a healing tool. It’s learning to be a “skilled sitter.”
Lying down or sleeping to help heal the back
We all know sleep is important when we’re in pain. The body needs rest to get well and to get back to a healthy state.
There are different positions that can help heal and create a comfortable space for the body to relax and heal for both chronic and acute back pain.
The couch is not the problem. It’s how it’s being used.
Yes, some couches are too soft, too deep and too low BUT there are remedies to getting comfortable on the couch without throwing out the furniture. Also, buying a new couch without having the feel and awareness of what IS comfortable and healthy for your spine will lead to the same old problem all over again.