Running Videos


Running has been a big part of my life as I have been running for 30+ years. I have helped many people with running injuries over these years as well as my own. This video series is focused on giving you drills that will enhance your running stride and rid you of many common issues I have seen in runners have over the years. I highly recommend if you want to get the most out of these videos to start with The Foundational Videos. Many postural issues that runners have start from holding patterns that can not be addressed with simple drills or stretches but are habitual patterns that are more intrinsic in nature that need more attention.

Landing on the mid-foot is critical with running. This is a fairly new concept in the running community and to do it takes making adjustments with the centering of your hips over your feet. To regain this new feel there are some drills that can help you get there.

Shoe selection is critical in making your run work. It’s not nearly as complicated as the shoe industry makes it. As you gain better centering and form, your shoe selection will not be about “fixing” your knee, hip or foot problems, but more about just protecting your feet. Less is more in this category.

Butt Up the Wall: This is many runners' #1 favorite stretch that I teach. (it’s much more than a stretch but that’s what you feel in your hamstrings when doing it). You can do it anywhere. On a tree, car or even just in the air. It can take the pain and tightness out of your hips/hamstrings and spine while centering you over your hips for better running form.

Bend and Balance: This is a “one-legged butt up the wall.” To get it to work really well do it slowly! Your hip flexors on the standing leg will try to “hold you” up but if you go really slow into the movement you will feel a stretch in the buttock and back of the leg in a BIG way. This will strengthen and center your body in a way that causes you to work less and be more efficient in your stride. Then when you stand up, you'll be so stable in that leg, the ease of standing on one leg will amaze you. Pay attention to all the details. Remember a big problem
with running form is lots of holding patterns in the body that are on the subconscious level and the only way to let go of them is to take the move slow so you can feel the letting go of these patterns.

Running form tips: Get rid of the shuffle and relax!
Here are two more running tips that address movements that you may not realize you do. Holding the upper body tight and not picking your feet up enough.

Almost everyone holds tension in the upper body except for possibly elite runners. Think like an elite runner and realize all the little stuff matters and continue to observe the smallest tensions that may come when you run and let them go!

This video series is not to teach you a way to run or a specific technique. It is to help your specific way that fits you come alive. Your personal technique is in you so let the “Inner Runner ” run free!