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LisaAnn McCall has been seen by millions of Americans with her appearances on numerous television shows on network and local affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. She’s also been invited on several radio programs and the McCall Method has been the focus of several articles in The Dallas Morning News, as well as other newspapers.


“One of the problems in today’s society is we want a quick fix. But for the long term what you really want is a balanced body. Over the next 15 years, I predict we’ll see more of core balance technique. Each generation of orthopedic surgeons is learning new techniques. Let’s face it: one of the hardest things for any of us to do is accept new ways of thinking,”

-Dr. James Montgomery,
clinical associate professor of orthopedics at the University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center at Dallas and former head physician for the U.S. Olympic Team.
(Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Lisa McCall’s Balancing Is No Act”)

McCall has been featured and syndicated across a broad range of media outlets:

    • Prevention Magazine “Try this 30-second posture makeover” from LisaAnn McCall physical therapist and author of The McCall Body Balance Method.
    • Fox News McCall’s Body Balance Featured Nationally
    • Competitor Magazine Wogging and the McCall Method
    • OrthoKinetic Review – A Balanced Approach “Restoring muscle coordination needs to be the first step in returning muscle strength. Up to now, exercise for low back pain has been typified by indirect approaches like walking, yoga, sit-ups, and weight training.”
    • D Magazine – Increase Your Mobility “Anyone is a candidate [for Body Balance]. An amazing thing that I have learned is that joints don’t know how old they are. An arthritic joint can be retrained to move correctly even if the condition has lasted for years or the client is elderly. With these methods there is always some degree of positive change.”
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The McCall Body Balance Method Book

McCall Body Balance Method:
Simple Concepts for Ageless Movement

Published 2001

Outstanding Book of the Year award

Independent Publisher Book Award 2002

Outstanding Book of the Year

“Best Health Book”

Book LisaAnn as a Speaker

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As insightful as she is as a physical therapist, LisaAnn McCall is a charismatic and energetic speaker for your upcoming workshop, seminar or corporate retreat. She custom tailors her presentations to meet your audience’s specific needs and interests. Your audience will leave her presentation knowing how to move through the rest of the conference … and their lives … more comfortably. Employers will benefit from healthier, happier workers, and will save thousands of dollars on unnecessary ergonomic chairs and equipment.


Sample Topics

  • Transform All Your Painful Moves Into Healing Moves Throughout the Day
  • The Art of Sitting; a Healing Experience…Anywhere (Car, Couch, Office, Church, Plane)
  • Turn your Favorite Activity into a Healing Tool
  • Learn to Bend and Never Have Tight Hamstrings Again
  • Look and Feel Younger As You Age By Relearning the Secret of Moving in Balance

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