With the Olympics winding down we all have had a chance to see amazing ice-skating the past 2 weeks.

If you look closely you will notice that ice skaters have a very distinct posture. Since I’m always looking at how people move I wanted to share some small but really important things to look at that may be different than what you think and do for “good posture”.













Observe how they accelerate from the way their legs dramatically extend behind them without tucking the buttocks under, or tightening and pulling in their abdominal area. There’s openness in the front of their body, especially the hip area, which is key to maintaining great balance. That is also one of the reasons they look so relaxed but strong.

It takes GREAT posture to balance well on ice and really great posture to do it at the level these people do.

Next time you go to the gym to work out look at the postures around you and what people are doing to be healthy and strong. Do they have postures like the ice -skaters you saw this past week? Relaxed, open, upright and strong?


Image Credit: usfigureskating.org and i.pinimg.com