McCall Method is the process of re-learning Universal Movements.

Universal Movements are the elements that make up all motion. These moves include standing, bending, sitting, turning, lying or walking as well as the transitions in between.

Universal Movements are the foundation for all complex motion. Until these basic movements are properly learned or re-learned, all additional motion is compromised. Improper motion leads to injury and pain. This is why the McCall Method is so important!

It’s time we begin to understand some body truths. A natural progression of change does occur as we age. But our structure is designed to last. We are meant to enjoy our bodies throughout our entire life span!

Look at history. The Industrial Revolution brought profound changes. It also took a toll on people’s health by introducing less mobile, less physically-active lifestyles. In exchange, we lost the skill or “know-how” of movement.

As technology continues to advance, we may be moving even less. We can’t afford to waste one moment of movement. A sedentary lifestyle causes our bodies to forget how to move properly. When we do move, we often suffer pain and sometimes injury.

Fitness gurus and medical experts are preaching how to regain flexibility, strength and balance. But these methods have just not shown adequate results. If the premise is wrong then the results will be wrong, as well.

People living with chronic pain can find relief. They simply must re-learn how to move. The Body Balance Method does just that. It teaches how to move in ways that reduce the pressure on weak and painful tissue. Let’s get back to the basics!

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