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An important way to prevent injury is to be more aware of basic physical stuff like standing, sitting, bending and “hanging out.” We often think back and knee pain etc. come “out of nowhere!” Rarely is that the way it actually happens. We just don’t notice small signs because these little interruptions of discomfort don’t hurt. They’re just annoying. But this is when we should take notice.

We are more conditioned to pay attention and remain attracted to the intensity of a movement.  We think the more intense, the more is happening. These simpler movements don’t seem interesting and get pushed aside because we’re into more intense stimuli. The paradox is the subtleties like shifting your hips to be more centered when sitting or relaxing your chest and belly and stretching up from the back of you spine — ALL can have a great impact and grow to be not so subtle. There is less of the need to go out and seek more stimuli when you begin to feel or become more aware of the subtle movements inside of you. You become more comfortable. The seeking for more dramatic results needs to chill a little. Your awareness is being heightened when you become more sensitive to movements that can keep you from moving wrong over and over again. The McCall Method is built on this idea of noticing and increasing awareness around your daily movements and postures. The results are surprisingly satisfying. The more you pay attention to the small stuff the greater your chances of not being injured.

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