Walking lunges….let’s do them better and backward!

Walking lunges have been on everyone’s workout list for years, but has anyone questioned if they are doing them effectively? Well I have. I see so many injuries from what I call “overloading” the front knee when doing them. In this video I show you how to do a backward lunge that’s much more effective for strengthening the legs and improving balance. Also, it can help you do a forward lunge so you don’t put too much load in the front knee while gaining strength as well. Centering the hips is key in all movements but is often overlooked because most people are so tight in their hips they can’t center their hips well. They think they are centering and to a degree I’m sure they are IF they are aware of this principle. The catch is: most people don’t realize limited mobility in the hips decreases their ability to have awareness of where your hips are. The less you’re aware the more prone to injury. It’s one of the MOST common causes of injury I know, lack of awareness on a joint level in movement.

Why not reverse the lunge and get more awareness, strength, centering and mobility in your hips? You can also get a better workout because you have to be mentally engaged. If an exercise does not require your full attention then it’s below par in what it has to offer. Our mind/body connection is not just about meditation and better mental well-being. It’s also PARAMOUNT to a person’s ability to physically move with ease and without pain. It’s not a one-way street … mind affecting body…. it’s all connected and moving both ways: body to mind, mind to body.

So doing a backward lunge allows you to gain needed hip mobility as well as strength and balance. It demands more focus and precision but is worth the effort. So do your lunges the way the body gets the most bang for your buck…oh and please have fun doing it!


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