Want a stronger back and a better butt? Think stairs!

Have you ever noticed people use stadium stairs on which to train? The stairs at your house or at the parking garage can give you the same benefit. Really now…you DON’T have to go to a STADIUM to strengthen your back and butt. And we all know if your back side is stronger, your body as a whole is stronger and more stable. This slightly more advanced video is for those who have gained the understanding of how to do Butt Up the Wall. Now we are going to take this concept to another level.

One of the biggest challenges folks have is tightness in their back and buttock areas. You can stretch these areas but if you combine the stretch with an activity that gives you strength as well you will actually be taking the body to a “smarter” level or a more skilled level of movement. As you know, I see the inner connection to all things and don’t feel separating stretching, strengthening, balance and coordination as the most effective and effic ways of bringing the body to a healthier and happier state. So why not learn how to do this ‘stadium stairs” routine really well and then CRUSH your patio steps with an at-home workout?!

If you’re more interested in not hurting when going up or down stairs, the principle stays the same. You need to pay attention to the subtle and simple little principles I teach in the video. Don’t slump your upper back into a C-curve posture and don’t hike you hips up to the side like a doggie leg lift. Allow yourself a little freedom practicing in a more upright position and hold onto something so you can get the basic feel. Remember if you don’t get the feel, you miss the real changes you are looking for to make this simple but powerful move work for you. Let me know how it goes!


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