What are you noticing this Holiday Season?

It’s the time of year when we are hopefully taking the time to notice all the good things going on in our lives. As you know I find small things like carrying my Christmas tree a fun experience! (a tradition I started in Bend, OR. when we went in the forest to retrieve our tree.)

So maybe you don’t need to know how to carry a Christmas tree but do you notice small things in your daily movements that could be important to enjoy? It’s a form of meditation: being really clued into what you are doing at that moment. Multitasking is not the most relaxing way to live your life. Have you noticed?

This next year I am going to be more focused on noticing. Noticing for the purpose to slow down. Noticing to bring about a greater sense of well-being with movement and with life in general. COVID forced all of us to slow down this year due and it caused us to notice some things that maybe we considered stressful. But by noticing, you can actually make changes in your life. Oh, and by the way, it also can be fun to notice some things — like picking up dog toys around the house with the best “butt up the wall” my body can conjure up. I like to ask myself when I am going through a school zone or a neighborhood where the speed limit is 25 mph. Why am I in such a hurry? Does being in a hurry actually get me there sooner? No. What’s wrong with just enjoying the ride? Notice and enjoy. That’s my Christmas present to myself.


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