The McCall Method is a movement therapy which is hard to explain at times because of its many faces. It’s based on moves you do all the time but give little attention to because they’ve been with you all your life.
Our body structure is not designed to break down.
Every skill we learn starts with a foundation. So the foundations or building blocks in human movement center on walking, sitting, standing, bending and the transitions to each of those movements.
Centering the body in the hips/pelvis area is where you start to gain this foundation. By centering you begin to better feel how the rest of your body connects. This opens up an understanding that helps you move in a coordinated way. Centering also gives you more strength and mobility because it immediately causes the correct muscles to engage and releases tension in those tight muscles that need to relax.
All movements matter.
From a movement perspective driving your car, unloading the dishwasher, sitting at your computer, playing with your kids, or hanging out at a cafe matter just as much as your tennis game, golf swing or weight workout.
They are all the same because they are basically just movement. We label our movements but the body doesn’t. It’s all the same to out bodies. Depending on how movements are executed, the body either is enhanced or is breaking down. All of the simple moves I teach have much to offer if we take notice and re-learn to do them well. As you become more aware of how to do the foundational
movements, you will unlock the secret to enhancing your looks, your workout and your life.
More body awareness: Greater relaxation and ease.
A lot of us are tense in our bodies. We are often so used to the tension that it is “normal” to us. But once you begin to unravel the tension and allow the body to move as it’s designed you will find a new world to live in. Your new awareness and relaxed state will be your “new normal.”
You begin to feel the very subtle parts of these movements. Your awareness becomes much keener and that translate to greater function and comfort.
As a young physical therapistI I questioned why so many people seemed injured both when active and inactive.
There seemed to be something missing when I was doing rehabilitation on my patients with joint pain. What I realize now after looking back over the 30 years of practice was that medicine was dedicated to the science of understanding the body’s parts and not the whole. You have to understand more than just how a knee functions to help it heal. You need to understand experientially how the knee works with the entire body.
That means there is also an art form to understanding movement. The body is alive and it can’t be approached as just a machine with parts but as an intelligent, alive experience that is housed in what we call our body.
The fact we can replace joints successfully and the have made great improvements in medical technology over the years is wonderful. But it can’t replace our need and ability to connect with our body. It is brilliant and has the capacity to heal given the right factors to do so. If we ignore this basic reality we will continue to have more physical problems not less.
The concept of connecting to our bodies may seem a bit abstract, but when a great basketball player shoots a basket that looks effortless or you hit a golf ball that feels perfect then you understand connection. This is normal for all movements in all people not just special athletic moments or for people that are gifted in a sport.
Who in the world moves well all the time?
There are people in the world who move with amazing skill, strength and ease by doing very heavy manual labor through their whole life. These people are examples of how we as humans are extremely sustainable in our ability to move.These people illustrate the human is a well-built art form that can physically do everyday things with amazing ease.
This was from where the foundation of the principles I teach came. I combined this concept with my physical therapy knowledge and created the McCall Method. After many years of mixing the science and art of movement I have been able to synthesize my therapy that can be utilized by all people no matter their fitness or health level. All I’m really doing is helping people get back to what their body already knows how to do, be comfortable, attractive and strong.

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