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Work With LisaAnn

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LisaAnn McCall’s more than 27 years of expertise as a physical therapist taught her many things, but most importantly that you and your body already have many answers to ease your pain. The key is to listen and decipher what your body is saying. LisaAnn’s nearly three decades of observing your movement patterns results, in almost all cases, in a quick analysis of the problem(s) at hand and how to proceed with a McCall Method solution. There’s no cookie cutter formulas in her approach. Each client receives a completely individualized course of therapy.

Whether you’re seeking a pain-free round of golf, a new approach to triathlon training or learning to climb up and down stairs with a smile on your face, LisaAnn can help.

As a former top female triathlete, McCall realized she had to address the whole body when she wanted to ease the pain in just one joint or muscle. Early in her PT years, LisaAnn identified a big gap between clinic-based therapy and real life. As a result, her focus and therapy shifted to the whole body approach integral to the McCall Method.

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Working with LisaAnn

Physical Therapy

This venue offers the most direct and personal opportunities to work with LisaAnn and to experience The McCall Method first-hand. Private, in-person, one-hour sessions provides you and LisaAnn with the best opportunities to explore your particular issues, ask questions and be part of an individualized program of rehabilitation and/or prevention.

LisaAnn offers one-hour intimate group sessions for three to five people. These classes are an excellent way to accelerate the changes LisaAnn and you have identified as necessary by practicing them in a group setting. To be eligible for group classes you must have at least one private session with LisaAnn to see if you are an appropriate candidate.

Bridging the geographical gap between patient and provider, LisaAnn uses web-based technology to connect with individuals who want to learn and share the McCall Method in a private setting, like their own home or office.

What about working with LisaAnn during a weekend? This type of venue provides invaluable hands-on and personal care but keeps cost down through a group format.

Whatever your target is: lowering your golf score, correcting your running stride, making your triathlon training more efficient or learning to maneuver on the tennis court without pain … this theme can help any athlete at any level.

LisaAnn can examine how your team’s training is helping (or maybe even hurting) you and your teammates in the conditioning room, on the field, in the pool or gym. She can recommend small changes that can make a huge difference in keeping injuries at bay or healing them faster or preventing them altogether.

The McCall Method can help reduce a company’s workers compensation budget while maintaining a happy, active and healthy workforce. You and your colleagues’ productivity will improve as health care costs drop.

LisaAnn strongly believes attitude is the key to living a healthy and active life and knowing how to move through life without pain is not just physical, it also depends strongly on your attitude. Her true gift marries a little bit of humor, a lot of heart and the integration of the McCall Method to provide the desired results each person is striving for.

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