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LisaAnn McCall’s more than 30 years of expertise as a physical therapist taught her many things, but most importantly that you and your body already have many answers to ease your pain. The key is to listen and decipher what your body is saying. LisaAnn’s nearly three decades of observing your movement patterns results, in almost all cases, in a quick analysis of the problem(s) at hand and how to proceed with a McCall Method solution. There’s no cookie cutter formulas in her approach. Each client receives a completely individualized course of therapy.

Whether you’re seeking a pain-free round of golf, a new approach to triathlon training or learning to climb up and down stairs with a smile on your face, LisaAnn can help.

As a former top female triathlete, McCall realized she had to address the whole body when she wanted to ease the pain in just one joint or muscle. Early in her PT years, LisaAnn identified a big gap between clinic-based therapy and real life. As a result, her focus and therapy shifted to the whole body approach integral to the McCall Method.

Hello Flagstaff!

As a new resident of Flagstaff (October 2018) I am settling in and ready to share the McCall Method with you. Since being a physical therapist in private practice for more than 25 years and practicing PT since 1988, I’ve decided to shift my focus.I’m still maintaining my PT license and concentrating on teaching and consulting with the McCall Method I developed over all these years. While I am no longer practicing physical therapy, I’m using my online presence and business to share my work with you.

What is the McCall Method?

The McCall Method focuses on how all the movements in our lives affect the health and comfort of our bodies. I realized many years ago if we embrace and understand how to move well on a daily basis, we can eliminate and heal many of the orthopedic injuries I see every day. This is NOT something we have to force our bodies to do. Our bodies already know. There are small and key principals that cause the body to move well as a whole. They are built around gaining an awareness that can only be understood by experiencing it.

How is it done?

We do this by breaking down postural movements you already do every day and rebuilding them so you can do ALL movements better and without pain. Optimal movement happens in a relaxed state. So there is no tensing and forcing the body to do anything. 

Pain is something people live with on a daily basis. It’s often a sign you are not moving in a natural, balanced way. 

But just focusing on getting rid of the pain is a quick fix that does not work long-term. We can focus on the way your body is designed to move all the time to relieve the pain.

Here are some common questions that can be addressed using the McCall Method. 

  • Do you want to decrease stress and tension in your life but really don’t know where to start?
  • Are you having trouble in your daily activities because of pain? 
  • Do you want to get back to running, tennis, swimming, hiking, etc?
  • After having surgery are you still uncomfortable returning to the activities you used to love?
  • Want to take your athletic performance to a higher level?
  • Are you an ex-athlete hampered by nagging injuries?
  • Is your balance not what it used to be?
  • Do you want to get back to walking with comfort and confidence?

This is just a sample of what I have seen over the years. The McCall Method is able to help you feel more confident and healthy in your body. 

What will you gain from a Rest and Restore Workshop/Class?

My group classes are called ‘Rest and Restore” because the best way to regain natural, healthy movement is to restore the principals your body innately knows how to do. And resting (or relaxing) those areas of the body holding tension is an effective way to correct movement patterns. Registration information!

This is a much different philosophy than is the norm out in the world today. The idea “holding tight” or “pushing through” when moving runs counter to how our neurological system actually (the brain of movements) works. To feel a movement and re-educate your muscles to do “the right thing” the body needs to be relaxed and go slow in the beginning. It needs to address the breakdown of one area of the body and seeing how it relates to the rest of the body as a whole. So movements as simple as bending and sitting have many parts that can transform the way you do other movements in the day. This may be hard to understand until you have experienced it first-hand. When the body or a specific structure (like your back or knee) breaks down, it likes to rebuild as a whole, using the whole body. 

What will you gain from a Private Session?

The devil is in the details. 

When you work with me one-on-one, we get into the specific details of what your body needs to regain movement, strength and comfort. You bring your specific list of things that are bothering you and the goals you want to reach. 

As I learn about your specific lifestyle, I’ll design a program that puts the ingredients together to make a recipe that can speed up your progress. Our time together can also help you know how and what to focus on in the group sessions/classes.

As a licensed physical therapist I have years of experience in orthopedic care. There is not much I haven’t seen or treated. I am now taking my physical therapy hat off and just focusing on teaching the McCall Method Movement program. Again, while I’m not practicing physical therapy I’m keeping my physical therapy license current because I like to stay educated and up-to-date with learning the latest research in my field. Learn more about pricing and contact me for an appointment.

Other Ways of Learning and Working with me.

Support Material

I have a lot to help you on your journey with the McCall Method:

  1. FREE videos on my YouTube channel
  2. Videos that go into greater detail and address specific issues you may have. These videos also help you practice on your own and can be purchased on my website. 
  3. The McCall Body Balance Method book is heavily illustrated with explanations answering many questions about the postures you are learning. And the book shows you many of the postures we practice in class.


I feel healing should be affordable. We shouldn’t be tied to insurance and/or a complicated medical system in order to gain intelligent and quality direction to heal and move.  

So saddle up and let’s move on together so we can have fun and enjoy moving every day!


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