Healing Injuries Through Daily Movements

The McCall Method can both prevent as well as heal using daily movements as its tool.  Based upon the belief that movement is a natural part of the bodies healing process, the McCall Method uses your body’s innate wisdom and knowledge to treat and guide all ages and activity levels from weekend warriors to professional athletes to a lifetime of healthy movement. The McCall Method focuses on both relieving and/or preventing a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological ailments, including neck, shoulder, spinal, hip and knee problems by utilizing the approach. The McCall Method is a sought-after tool for pain prevention, rehabilitation, sport and athletic enhancement. The McCall Method may be accessed through private work, group settings, or through our Do It Yourself video collection. As varied as the physical ailments of individuals are the same can be said for the ages of individuals who have found healing with the McCall Method.


McCall Method Foundation

  • let-go
    Let Go | Three Principles

    LisaAnn shares three guiding principles for her method.

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    McCall Method Online

    Frustrated by today’s medical bureaucracies and red tape, LisaAnn takes her work online to simplify access and get you comfortable with movement.    

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    What is The McCall Method?

    The McCall Method heals people through their own everyday movements. It draws upon your body’s own inner wisdom to feel good.

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Success Stories


Anyone who tells you they have all the answers for your aches and pains, you need to run the other direction or they are going to take your money. I don't have all the answers. I have one great tool, The McCall Method. A few people are going to share the story of how the McCall Method has changed their life.
LisaAnn McCall

Lisa Ann McCall, P.T., shows golfers the best way to rehab

I'm 39 years old. 6 months prior to meeting LisaAnn, I had already had one back surgery, reinjured it and was looking at a second back surgery. In a matter of seven weeks of working with McCall, I am healthy, strong, exercising more than ever, playing golf and skiing.
John Warren

Chris discovers LisaAnn and the McCall Method

The message I got from my doctor, my husband and my friends was that this is what happens as you get older. I wasn't willing to accept that. I am accepting of getting older. I just don't feel like I have to live in pain.